Welcome to EuroCoord Training

This page has been created by WP2 Training and Outreach as a hub for all training activities within EuroCoord and beyond. On this page you will find calendars with the dates of the upcoming courses and training activities, links to the e-learning modules, and information on short term staff exchange.

Training Modules

Several e-learning modules have been created as part of the EuroCoord Training and Outreach work package (WP2).

These courses aim to improve research skills, and to provide basic, updated laboratory and clinical training to aid in the management of HIV-infected patients. They include training on HICDEP, CoDe, the course "Practical Approach to GCP", and help in manuscript writing.

The modules can be accessed here.

About WP2 Training and Outreach

WP2 Training and Outreach’s mission is to:

  • Improve research skills to allow researchers to undertake observational research of the highest calibre
  • Provide basic and updated laboratory and clinical training to help the management of HIV-infected patients.
To achieve this, WP2 aims to:
  • Target training needs and work with partners to organise multidisciplinary training for HIV clinicians and researchers in Europe.
  • Collaborate with other Work Packages to provide training related to statistical technique, specific studies and projects planned within the network.
  • Coordinate online resources such as e-learning modules targeting specific topics, including basic research and statistical techniques.
  • Disseminate expertise and learning activities across the EuroCoord community.
The WP2 working group is made up of representatives from the 4 networks (PENTA, COHERE, CASCADE and EuroSIDA) and includes members with experience of coordinating EU-funded training programmes.


28-30 October 2015
Tr@inforPedHIV 2015
Rome, Italy 
An interactive training programme for healthcare professionals caring for HIV positive children (download the flyer)


21 October 2015
EACS WAVE Workshop
Women Against Viruses in Europe:
Barcelona, Spain (website)

21 October 2015
EACS  Pre-Educational Course
Barcelona, Spain (website)

17-23 January 2016
Swiss Epidemiology Winter School
Wengen, Switzerland (website)


Training Modules for HICDEP and CoDe are now available.

Also available is the "Practical Approach to GCP" course.



Information about Staff Exchanges for partner institutions.