EuroCoord Digest

June 2015

The first edition of the EuroCoord Digest has been released. This newsletter highlights a selection of studies from across the EuroCoord network.

As part the Training and Outreach Workpackage an e-newsletter has been produced summarising some of EuroCoord’s recently published studies in the scientific literature. The newsletter is intended to keep the public informed and up to date on EuroCoord’s latest research.

This issue of the EuroCoord Digest touches on a variety of subjects, including the association between CD4 recovery and mortality; the impact of education level on access to care; the impact of body weight on virological and immunological responses to HIV treatment; changes in viral load and CD4 cell count in treatment-naïve people; HIV virulence and transmissibility over time; and whether Vitamin D levels can predict mortality and are associated with inflammatory markers.

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