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3-6 March, Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), Boston, USA (website)


27-29 March, 17th International Workshop on HIV Observational Databases (IWHOD), Sitges, Spain (website)


20-25 July, 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), Melbourne, Australia (website)


2-6 November, HIV Drug Therapy, Glasgow, UK





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EuroCoord Policy Brief 2013


Despite great strides in treatment, it is currently estimated that 2.3 million people are living with HIV in the WHO European region with prevalence exceeding 1% in some countries.


The EuroCoord Policy Brief 2013, sets out the current priorities in HIV/AIDS research in Europe and explains how EuroCoord is best-placed to address these issues.  


Download the Policy Brief


If you would like a hard copy of the Policy Brief, please contact the EuroCoord Secretariat


About EuroCoord

EuroCoord is a Network of Excellence established by several of the biggest HIV cohorts and collaborations within Europe - CASCADE, COHERE, EuroSIDA, and PENTA.


This large, integrated network exploits the scientific strengths of each collaboration to ensure that the best, most competitive HIV research is performed.


The main advantage of this collaborative method of working is the formation of a common virtual database, which currently has access to data from over 270,000 HIV positive people from many different settings in Europe and beyond.


EuroCoord is made up of 24 beneficiaries chosen from 16 countries to ensure representativeness across Europe. The nature of the collaboration means that apart from these partners, there is also an associated network of numerous affiliated sites – more than 100 collaborating centres, or third parties.


The tasks of EuroCoord are organised into 15 different workpackages, all of which are interrelated, and unified through the scientific oversight workpackage.


EuroCoord is funded for a period of 5 years from 2011 as part of the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7.


. More information about the aims of EuroCoord

. Download the EuroCoord briefing document


Latest News

EuroCoord supports World AIDS Day 2013


Sunday 1 December 2013 marks the 25th annual World AIDS Day which is an opportunity to show support for people living with HIV/AIDS, to remember those who have died, and to unite in the fight against HIV.



Phylogenetics Workshop


A Phylogenetics Workshop was held at Skåne University Hospital in Malmö from 24th-25th October 2013.



Higher incidence of AIDS-defining illnesses at CD4 counts of 500–749 cells/μL compared to 750–999 cells/μL


Higher incidence of ADIs in HIV positive people with a current CD4 count of 500–749 cells/μL compared to those with a CD4 count of 750–999 cells/μL, but no further decrease at higher CD4 counts.


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